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Easy and powerful Voice Editor

Pitch Editor, Formant Shift, Vibrato, Raspiness, Breathiness, Pitch Range Scaling, Pitch Smoothing, Time Stretching...

High quality vocal processing settings can be saved in User Presets, and Fabric Presets are included for a quick character design.

The Pitch Editor allows you to do Pitch Correction and Freehand Contour Drawing.

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User License: $39.95 $29.95
Purchase available from within the program

More videos: File & Edit Tools

Voice Matching Feature

Matching Tools are used to copy some voice characteristics to another voice.

Different combinations can be selected depending on your need: Time Warping for synchronization in dubbing, Time Warping and Pitch Contour for singing voice replication, Match EQ for original sound quality replication, and Median Pitch and Match Formants for voice imitation.


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User License: $39.95 $29.95
Purchase available from within the program

Voice Matching Tools

Sample files are included with the installation.

Voice Matching Tools
Voice Matching Tools
  • Time Warping
  • Pitch Contour
  • Median Pitch
  • Match Formants
  • Match EQ
  • Time Regions Tools
File Tools
File Tools
  • Open Project
  • Save Project
  • Open Sound
  • Save Converted Sound
Edit Tools
Edit Tools
  • Play Reference Note
  • Selection
  • Zoom
  • Note Snapping
  • Pitch Analysis
  • Fabric and User Presets
  • Time / Frequency Display
  • Play / Stop
  • Prelisten Conversion
  • Multiple Undo/Redo
  • Play While Dragging
Vocal Processes
Vocal Processes
  • Pitch
    • Draw (Pencil / Line)
    • Pitch Shift
    • Smoothing
    • Range Scaling
    • Vibrato (Rate / Depth)
  • Other
    • Formant Shift
    • Raspiness
    • Breathiness
    • Time Stretching
  • Windows XP or later
  • 16-bit sound card or higher
  • 24 or 32-bit color depth
  • WAV and MP3. Non-polyphonic recordings
  • Dry voice without background music, noise, reverb, etc...

PDF Voice Converter User Guide

About Pitch and Vocal Tract

Voice Pitch and Vocal Tract Length are related to the size, sex and age of the speaker. In Voice Converter, the Vocal Tract is handled via the Formant Shift tool.

Pitch is determined by the rate of opening and closing of the vocal folds. Adult men have low pitches, children have high pitches, and adult women lie in the middle.

The Vocal Tract is the area between the glottis and the lips, and its length is correlated to the speaker body size. Large adult men have a longer vocal tract that produces a fuller voice, children have a short vocal tract and a lighter voice, and women have intermediate lengths.

With Voice Converter you can create realistic voices or any kind of fantasy character.

Special Characters
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User License: $39.95 $29.95
Purchase available from within the program